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Papers describing Optiqua’s technology and its applications have been published in various media. Below is a selection of illustrative papers.

World’s Largest On-line Real-time Water Quality Monitoring Network in a Drinking Water Distribution Network.
Authors: M. IJszenga, A. Atsma, J. Hoogterp, F. Williamson, P. Thienen, B.R. de Graaf
Source: Proceedings of the Singapore International Water Week, 2016.

Contaminant detection in treated water using Optiqua’s MiniLab™ biosensing system: a case study for Bisphenol A.
Authors: K. Ma, T. Ekblad, M. Klein Koerkamp, H. Kelderman, M.A.B. van Wijlen, A. Duarah, J. Yue, L. Zhang, M. Vee-Meng Wong, M. Hoo Lim
Source: International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2015, vol 95(4), DOI:10.1080/03067319.2015.1025223.

Online Water Quality Monitoring in the Distribution Network.
Authors: F. Williamson, J. van den Broeke, T. Koster, M. Klein Koerkamp, J.W. Verhoef, J. Hoogterp, E. Trietsch, B.R de Graaf
Source: Water Practice & Technology, 2014, Vol 9(4), doi: 10.2.166/wpt.2014.064.

The benefits of using refractive index for water quality monitoring in distribution networks.
Author: J. van den Broeke
Optiqua Technologies Whitepaper.

Implementation of an innovative sensor technology for effective online water quality monitoring in the distribution network.
Authors: B.R. de Graaf, F. Williamson, M. Klein Koerkamp, J.W. Verhoef, R. Wuestman, B. Bajema,
E. Trietsch, W. van Delft
Source: Water Practice & Technology, 2012, Vol 7(4), doi: 10.2166/wpt.2012.099.

Innovative Sensor Technology for effective online water quality monitoring.
Authors: M.A.B. van Wijlen, M. Klein Koerkamp, R.J. Xie, A.N. Puah, W. van Delft, B. Bajema
and J.W. Verhoef.
Source: Proceedings of the Singapore International Water Week, 2011.

A Novel Approach for Early Warning of Drinking Water Contamination Events.
Authors: B.H. Tangena, P.J.C.M. Janssen, G. Tiesjema, E.J. van den Brandhof, M. Klein Koerkamp, J.W. Verhoef, A. Filippi and W. van Delft.
Source: Proceedings of the Water Contamination Emergencies Conference, Mülheim a/d Ruhr, Germany, 2010.

Integrated optical sensors for the chemical domain.
Authors: P.V. Lambeck
Source: Measurement Science and Technology, 2006, vol 17(8), R93-R116.

What we do

Optiqua has developed EventLab an award winning water quality monitoring 'Lab-on-Chip' technology.

It gives operators a full grid network overview including detailed graphical analysis tools and automated alerting for effective 24/7 network monitoring.

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