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Event detection software

Optiqua’s proprietary event detection software (EventLab Online) is an internet-based software application that allows EventLab users to monitor the water quality continuously and in real time. The software provides EventLab clients with an overview of their EventLab sensor network, as well as detailed information per individual sensor unit.
All EventLab units in the client’s EventLab sensor network transmit their data via a wireless modem to the designated Optiqua databases and servers, where the data is processed using Optiqua’s proprietary event detection algorithms.

The algorithms identify statistically relevant deviations (“events”) in the water quality against the background of normal water variations. Events are categorized, representing different alarm limits or thresholds that can be set by the user. Algorithms and thresholds are calibrated to the specific requirements of the water matrix in order to optimize the contamination detection limits and minimize false alarms.


What we do

Optiqua has developed EventLab an award winning water quality monitoring 'Lab-on-Chip' technology.

It gives operators a full grid network overview including detailed graphical analysis tools and automated alerting for effective 24/7 network monitoring.

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