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Public Utility Board Singapore (PUB)

Singapore’s water strategy focuses on the management of water resources in an integrated manner at all points of the water loop. A key aim of water research and development in Singapore in the field of network management is to ensure the delivery of high-quality water from the waterworks to consumers while ensuring the collection and reclamation of wastewater in an effective and efficient manner.

The management and maintenance of Singapore’s networks is therefore a critical function in the economic and social life of Singapore, as well as a solemn responsibility that spurs Singapore’s water researchers to even greater technological innovation.

With the imminent introduction of more stringent water quality standards in Singapore, water utilities can no longer merely improve water treatment processes. They must also improve existing water quality monitoring and analytical techniques. Coupled with the growing awareness of emerging contaminants and the possibility of events external to a system causing contamination, increasing the speed and sensitivity of contaminant detection is also imperative so that utility operators can ensure the water they supply is safe to drink.

A prototype network of 25 sensor packages that in real time report on water pressure, flow rate and disinfectant levels has been installed in Singapore’s central business district. Optiqua’s EventLab has also been installed at these monitoring locations. The 25 EventLab sensors are often placed in locations without supporting infrastructure, and user solar panels as power supply and wireless data transfer to send the collected data to the EventLab Online software.

Encouraging results on the long-term accuracy of the sensors and the ability of the network to locate pipe bursts have been obtained during the trial. As the wireless sensor network is developed and tested further, it will gradually be implemented throughout the water distribution network in Singapore.

What we do

Optiqua has developed EventLab an award winning water quality monitoring 'Lab-on-Chip' technology.

It gives operators a full grid network overview including detailed graphical analysis tools and automated alerting for effective 24/7 network monitoring.

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