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Technical information about our products

Safe drinking water

Online water quality monitoring in a smart grid

Decaying water infrastructures, the use of alternative water sources such as desalination and recycled water, pollution and terrorist threats are all bringing new challenges to water distribution and water quality assurance worldwide. The reputational and economic effects of water quality incidents can be severe. For a safe and secure supply of drinking water, water quality needs to be monitored online and in real time. Online water quality monitoring is an essential element in the broader concept of smart water management.

Innovative Tools

Optiqua Technologies provides the water industry with innovative tools for both online and sample based water quality monitoring. All Optiqua products leverage our award winning and patented lab-on-chip sensor technology. Based in Singapore and The Netherlands, we serve drinking water companies around the world with products to safeguard the production and distribution of drinking water.

Web-based Early Warning Software

Early Warning Detection

Optiqua EventLab offers a unique Early Warning contamination detection system for water distribution networks. EventLab combines Optiqua's highly sensitive optical technology with dedicated event detection algorithms, providing an economically viable approach to online sensor network that can be deployed throughout the water distribution grid.

Measurement of target Analytes in Lab and Field

Testing of water samples for specific substances remains an important component in the integrated approach to assure water quality. With its MiniLab product, Optiqua offers a flexible and mobile platform for the analysis of specific analytes in the lab and in the field.

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