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Technical information about our products

MiniLab-multi8 specific monitoring system for lab and field applications.



MiniLab-multi8 unit used in field environment.


Optiqua MiniLab

MiniLab is a user friendly sensor for cost-effective analysis of contaminants in various matrices for both lab and field applications. With MiniLab it is possible to identify and quantify target analytes within 15 minutes. MiniLab is the solution when waiting for laboratory analysis is not an option, and information on the presence and concentration of specific substances is needed quickly, on the spot.

The sensor chip is housed in a cartridge which is docked into the MiniLab to allow quick and easy loading and unloading of biosensor chips. The cartridge includes a microfluidic flow cell and the necessary electronic and optical connectors.


Features of MiniLab-multi8:


      • Sensitive and selective measurement of up to 8 substances in parallel
      • Can be operated by non-specialist personnel
      • Base station with replaceable measurement cartridges
      • Portable system (compact size, battery powered)
      • One cartridge for each analyte
      • Reconfiguration of the substances detected by changing of installed cartridges
      • Cartridges can be reused for 100+ analyses and can easily be exchanged
      • Optical immunosensor using antibodies & aptamers for selective and sensitive capture of targets
      • Simple sample pre-treatment



MiniLab Datasheet

MiniLab catridge


Typical MiniLab applications include:


  • Pesticides and pharmaceuticals in wastewater and water sources
  • Toxic substances in drinking water (water security)
  • Environmental contaminants in (ground)water
  • Algal toxins in surface waters and drinking water
  • Mycotoxins (food safety)

Mach-Zehnder interferometer


  • High quality results
  • Results available in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Results available on site
  • Reduces cost per analysis







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