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Optiqua, our Customers, Partners and Technology in the Media



(Dutch financial newspaper)

- Optiqua one of the "new champions"

- Article published on 16 May 2015.









"Optiqua sensors on the verge of a breakthrough"


On 29 January Optiqua participated in the 3rd Entrepeneur Forum in the innovation centre The Galley at the University of Twente.







Financieel Dagblad

(Dutch financial newspaper)

- "A firewall for drinking water"

- Interview with Jos-Willem Verhoef, published on 7 November 2014.









SWAN - The Smart Water Networks Forum
The customer benefits of smart water networks.











SWAN - The Smart Water Networks Forum
The value of smart water networks.

























BNR (Dutch Radio) Interview with Jos Willem Verhoef, MD Optiqua


Audio compilatie van BNR Nieuwsradio © Topic, interview over VIP om 07:23 op 2-10-2013

Optiqua (Korean/English Video) - Featured on Korean TV program
News and product information about EventLab (Korean News Television).

Vitens (Dutch Video) - Company in the picture
Producing and Supplying Drinking Water takes more than meets the eye (Dutch Television Documentary).

Optiqua UK (English Version)
Eventlab in the Vitens Innovation Playground (VIP)

Optiqua (English Version) in The Wall Street Journal
Optiqua helps to ensure a safe water supply.

Optiqua (English Version) featured on Channel 8 News.