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Technical information about our products

Optiqua EventLab 2.0

Optiqua EventLab: real time water quality monitoring

EventLab is the solution of choice for applications where real time, continuous monitoring of the overall stability of the water quality is crucial. Common online sensors focus were developed to monitor process parameters, and are insensitive to many types of chemicals that can contaminate the water. Using such sensor for event monitoring gives a false sense of security. EventLab is specifically designed to detect any type of chemical contamination in the water at the earliest stage and strongly outperforms traditional sensor technologies in the detection of contaminations. EventLab is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, such as monitoring process stability at the treatment plant, monitoring for cross-connections, or as early warning system for integrity and security in the distribution network, e.g. detection of accidental back-flow events as well as intentional contaminations.


Complete solution, easy to install, low in maintenance

The EventLab system provides a complete solution including the sensor hardware, data transmission infrastructure and the software for data analysis and event detection.


The sensors are easy to install and are low in maintenance (no calibration, no reagents). Measurement data is transmitted from the monitoring stations to a central data server through cellular networks (2G, 3G), or alternatively can be transferred through SCADA.


In networked applications, such as drinking water distribution networks, EventLab can be deployed as a network of sensors, with distributed sensor nodes connected to a central server for data collection and processing. Data analysis and event detection is performed in real time by Optiqua’s proprietary algorithms in the central data collection and analysis software (EventLab Online), and made available through a web based user interface or XML based API.

Vitens - Operational EventLab Sensor

Key EventLab Features

EventLab 2.0 builds upon Optiqua's established optical lab-on-a-chip technology to detect the whole range of chemical contaminations with a single refractive index sensor.


  • Overall stability of the water quality captured in a single parameter

  • Generic sensor covers full scope of all possible chemical contaminations.

  • Early warning: real-time detection and automated alerting of water quality incidents

  • High sensitivity

  • Optical measurement method (refractive index) ensures robustness and long-time stability

  • Low-maintenance: no calibration, no reagents

  • Wireless data transmission and cloud based network overview

  • SCADA connectivity (MODBUS RTU, other protocols on request)

  • Suitable for stand-alone applications and for high-density sensor networks

For an overview of EventLab's technical specifications, please refer to the following datasheet:

EventLab Datasheet