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About Optiqua

Optiqua Technologies is a provider of innovative tools for both online and sample based water quality monitoring. We develop and produce innovative optical biosensor technology for the real-time detection of contaminants in water. Optiqua is based in the Netherlands and Singapore, where we have development and production facilities. We serve water utilities around the globe with our ground-breaking solutions. All Optiqua products leverage our award winning and patented lab-on-chip sensor technology.


Optiqua works closely with its launch customers Vitens (the Netherlands) and Public Utility Board (PUB, Singapore). After extensive trials, the EventLab system has been rolled out, and both utilities now operate an extensive network of Eventlab sensors.

Together with reputable research institutes and public organisations in Singapore and the Netherlands, in addition to a range of leading international industry partners, Optiqua continuously works on the improvement of its products. Examples of projects Optiqua has participated in include SAFEWAT (international project with KWR Watercycle Research Institute, Vitens, Mekorot and Sandia National Laboratories), AquaVitaal (national Dutch project with RIVM, the Dutch Institute of Health and the Environment, Vitens and Philips Research) and OPRISMA-FRYSLAN (regional project with Vitens). Currently, Optiqua is one of the innovative technology provides in the Smart Water 4 Europe project, an FP7 project led by three water utilities: Acciona Agua of Spain, Vitens of the Netherlands and Thames Water in the U.K. Together with France's University of Lille, the water companies will be responsible for integrating the software and instruments to the grid at four demonstration sites across Europe.


Optiqua Technologies is a subsidiary of Optisense B.V.

Awards and Recognition

In 2009, Optiqua received the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific New Product Innovation Award for its water contamination detection and sensing technology.

Furthermore, in 2011 Optiqua was one of the 12 finalists for the Wallstreet Journal Asia's Innovation awards

In 2012 Artemis Project selected Optiqua as a top 50 Water Company for an innovation that will matter.

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