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Optiqua provides the water industry with tools for online, 24/7 water quality monitoring. Our EventLab system leverages our award winning and patented lab-on-chip sensor technology. Optiqua is based in The Netherlands whre we have development and production facilities. Optiqua works closely with its launch customer  and Public Utility Board (PUB, Singapore). After extensive trials, the EventLab system has been rolled out, and PUB now operates an network of Eventlab sensors.

Together with reputable research institutes and public organisations in Singapore and the Netherlands, in addition to a range of leading international industry partners, Optiqua continuously works on the improvement of its products.


Optiqua is part of the Demcon group. Demcon contributes to solutions for contemporary social issues. Whether they are delivering medical solutions, contributing to security or providing sustainable solutions and high-tech innovations relating to themes like water and energy: Demcon contributes to a better world.

What we do

Optiqua has developed EventLab an award winning water quality monitoring 'Lab-on-Chip' technology.

It gives operators a full grid network overview including detailed graphical analysis tools and automated alerting for effective 24/7 network monitoring.

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