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EventLab Selected For Deployment At The WaterLAB In Finland

EventLab selected for deployment at the WaterLAB in Finland

Catalysed by Kuopio Water Cluster (Finland), academic researchers, water utilities and water technology providers work hand in hand to develop and validate applications for the Digital Water Utility. Patryk Wójtowicz, leading the Smart Water Group at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, is advancing this initiative in connection with Business Finland funded SWIM project. Applications of online water quality monitoring are one of his focus areas. Optiqua’s EventLab system is selected for deployment at the WaterLAB with connection to WaterLOOP – a pilot-scale distribution system simulator located in Kuopio, Finland. With RDI Engineer Olli Torvinen (in the picture) operating the EventLab system, Optiqua B.V.’s EventLab system installation at the WaterLAB is completed.

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