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Trust your water

EventLab 2.0™
24/7 information on water quality

  • Real time monitoring of the overall stability of the water quality
  • Monitoring process stability at the water treatment plan
  • Monitoring for cross-connections
  • Bulk Water Supply
  • Distribution network monitoring
    • Detection of accidental back-flow events
    • Intentional contamination

Generic sensor for all chemical contaminants

  • Overall stability of the water quality captured in a single parameter
  • Generic Refractive Index sensor covers full scope of all possible chemical contaminations
  • Optical sensor, low maintenance no calibration
  • Advanced algorithms detect, track and trace quality changes
  • Web-based user interface, real-time alerting, network wide overview

EventLab 2.0

The Optiqua EventLab system is specifically designed to detect any type of chemical contamination of your water at the earliest stage. EventLab is a robust and sensitive solution for real-time continuous monitoring of water quality, that strongly outperforms traditional sensor technologies.



Optiqua’s patented optical sensor technology is based on based on detection of minute changes in the Refractive Index of the water matrix.

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Optiqua is proud to introduce our customers and partners, including leading water utilities, institutes and governments.

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The latest news on Optiqua and our products. Also check here for upcoming events.

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